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Released by Property Bond

Occasionally an accused or a defendant will be given the option to be released by property bond in order for them to post bail. This property bond will be recorded by the court as a lien on the property for the full amount of the bail that relates to that case.

In order to even qualify for this type of bond your equity within the property in questioned must be 150% of the full bond amount issued by the court.  So if the defendant or the accused does not appear in court for what ever reason the court system will have the ability to foreclose that lien in regards to that property have the bail amount paid back to the court.

For this reason Property Bonds in a whole is rare and uncommon for it takes the courts an considerable amount time, energy, money, and effort to secure lost monies owed by the accused or defendant.

Lastly Property Bonds takes a long time to process just like any real estate transaction period. So if you looking to get your loved one home fast then you should consider on obtaining a bail bond from a local bail bond company for it may be more appealing to your situation.

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