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How Do I Get Back My Collateral After a Case Is Over?

Using collateral to get a loved one out of jail is one of the most commonly used methods to cover the debt. One of the more frequently asked questions we get are how do I get my collateral back when a case is over?

Once a case is over, the bond is then exonerated. After the exoneration of the case the individual responsible for paying the debt of the bond must proceed to the appropriate court and request a certificate of disposition. Once it’s been acquired the responsible individual must bring the certificate the appropriate bail bonds office location where the bond was initially posted. Typically the person responsible has sixty business days to check in and pick up the check for the collateral.

At Cagle Bail Bonds you can rely on us calling you when we receive the check for the collateral and it is ready to be picked up. The only person who can legally pick up the check is the person who pledged the check. The person picking up the check must also have a valid form of identification like a passport or driver license.

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