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Legal TV Dramas that Featured Bail, Bail Bonds, & Bail Bondsmen in Their Episodes

We have previously written about movies you can binge watch to get your legal fix. Now, zooming into the smaller screens, here are legal dramas for you to nibble on in case you are after a longer journey in the US legal system. To be more specific, here are shows which have included the concept of bail in their episodes.


Airing since 2011, “Suits” is mainly known for the tandem of the suave the great lawyer Harvey Spectre and his false lawyer associate Mike Ross. After the initial success and the recent decline in ratings, the series has seen more of the tactics of New York lawyers outside the actual courtroom drama.

In one particular episode entitled “Bail Out,” Mike returns to his shady past to bail his former best bud Trevor. However, the more focus on this episode is how Mike reacts to his old connection and how he will let it affect his present. Despite the many seasons, this is the most memorable time “Suits” used bail.

Law & Order

After running from 1990 to 2010, “Law & Order” has gained the title of the longest crime drama in US primetime TV wherein its first half is on crime investigation, while its second part is on prosecution.

The show has presented numerous usage of bail. Here are some of them:

  • “Hunters” (1999) — Bounty hunters hired by a bail bondsman get involved in two deaths and a murder investigation
  • “Shadow” (1997) — The team investigate a murder of a bail bondsman who seems to have a lot of motives to get killed.
  • “Bailout” (2009) — After running over a woman with a newspaper truck, the two alleged criminals were given $500,000 bail each.

How to Get Away with Murder

Under the wings of criminal defense lawyer and law professor Annalise Keating in a known university in Philadelphia, her students are now in the front lines defending their very own mentor.

Left with a cliff hanger, Bonnie will stop at nothing in keeping Annalise behind bars; however, the judge has denied the motion for bail, leaving the defendant to wait for her trial inside a cell. Recommended for law students who want to learn how to weave through the process and do right by their client, it’s not too late to catch up to the latest season of “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Better Call Saul

First establishing itself as a decent prequel to the hit “Breaking Bad” in 2015, “Better Call Saul” is considered as one of the best spin offs in US TV. Here, we unravel how Jimmy McGill transforms into Saul Goodman.

In one of the latest episodes of the show , Jimmy posts bail after Chuck charged him of breaking and entering and tampering of evidence. Although the bail part was very small, many sharp-eyed viewers noticed that the company Jimmy contacted, LBI Bail Bonds, might become a close ally of his in the future.

Whether legal drama or not, many shows and movies have made use of the idea of bail. However, other than being generally fiction, you still deserve a more professional consultation on your case.

Give us a call here at Cagle Bail Bonds and we guarantee that our services are more real, less hassle, and less dramatic than how getting bailed out is portrayed in the media.

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