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Why You Should Choose Cagle Bail Bonds

Cagle Bail Bonds is located across the street from the Denton County Jail. We are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, day or night; we are able to provide a Fast Jail Release any where in Denton County regardless of which jail such as; Denton County Jail, Denton JailLake Dallas JailLittle Elm JailLewisville JailFlower Mound JailHighland Village JailCarrollton Jail, & The Colony Jail. All of our agents are licensed bail bond agents here in Denton County. Our only goal is to make your bail bond process experience as easy, convenient, and as fast as possible.
While Delivering a

Fast Jail Release here in Denton County, TX

No Hidden Fees Bail Bonds

No Hidden Fees Bail Bonds In most states 10 percent of the bail bond total is an acceptable rate for payments. However in some cases this may be more or require a higher percentages depending on risks and other factors like amount of the bail. The cost of the bail bond is

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Do I Get Back All My Money From a Bail Bond?

Do I Get Back All My Money From a Bail Bond? When you bail out a loved one from jail the price can be very expensive. The amount of money returned to you and how long it takes will depend on a case to case basis and the arrangement you

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The Difference Between a Bail and Bond

The Difference Between Bail & Bail Bond When a defendant is arraigned for the first time by the judge, in most cases there will be a set bail as well as bond. The final amount always rest on the decision of the judge and are usually determined by the crime and

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Why You Should Never Skip Out on Bail Bonds

Why You Should Never Skip Out on Bail Bonds? Unfortunately even here at Cagle Bail Bonds of Denton Texas we get defendants who skip out on a bail bond that we have paid. Sometimes there are valid reasons but more often than not it’s simple carelessness. We want to shine

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City of Highland Village Jail Information

Highland Village Jail General Information: The Highland Village Jail is always providing the highest levels of protection to keep its citizens safe and provide the highest levels of safety for the community at all times. The staff makes this possible by committing to excellent levels of service and diligently working

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What Does the Term Undertaking Mean in Terms of Bail?

What Does the Term Undertaking Mean in Terms of Bail? An undertaking is another type of allowed bail security. It is when the allowed bail consists of an adequate court taking and undertaking of appropriate security for the guaranteed appearance of a defendant on agreed upon terms. If the defendant

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