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Why You Should Choose Cagle Bail Bonds

Cagle Bail Bonds is located across the street from the Denton County Jail. We are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, day or night; we are able to provide a Fast Jail Release any where in Denton County regardless of which jail such as; Denton County Jail, Denton JailLake Dallas JailLittle Elm JailLewisville JailFlower Mound JailHighland Village JailCarrollton Jail, & The Colony Jail. All of our agents are licensed bail bond agents here in Denton County. Our only goal is to make your bail bond process experience as easy, convenient, and as fast as possible.
While Delivering a

Fast Jail Release here in Denton County, TX

City of Lake Dallas Jail Information

Lake Dallas Jail General Information: The Lake Dallas City Jail is always doing whatever it takes to keep the citizens of Lake Dallas safe and provide an overall sense of wellbeing for the community. The staff achieves this through dedicated service and hard work as well as working diligently with

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City of Little Elm Jail Information

Little Elm City Jail General Information: City of Little Elm Jail always looks to protect its citizens and provide an overall high quality wellbeing and excellent level of safety for the community. The staff achieves this by working directly with local law enforcement as well as its citizens. For more

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The Five Types of Bail

Bail, another word for “release,” is a simple concept.  When someone is accused of a crime and arrested, a judge will sometimes allow them to make a deposit to assure that he or she appears in court to face charges.  There are many types of bail, some used more than

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What is a Bounty Hunter?

When someone is accused of a crime and arrested, depending on the nature of the crime, a judge may set bail.  The defendant or a loved one will have the opportunity to pay a deposit, ensuring that he or she will appear in court to face their charges.  The amount

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