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Personal Recognizance Bond in Texas

Since its original conception the medieval period, bail has evolved and become diverse through different forms; one of which is the personal recognizance bond.

What is a Personal Recognizance Bond?

Known as PR Bond or personal bond, a Personal Recognizance Bond grants a defendant to be released during a pre-trial hearing without posting bail. The condition is that the person has to strictly follow the rules set by the judge and to attend all the hearings or meetings with parties involved.

How Available is the PR Bond?

The Pretrial Services begins examining most defendants and submits a recommendation to the judge on whether the person is qualified for a PR bond or not.

Because of the fact that the defendant can walk freely amidst the pre-trial period without posting bail, there are many factors to consider before the judge grants a personal bond. Among the considerations include the following:

  • Nature of the crime charged
  • Record in the community; criminal history
  • Source of income / employment reference
  • Credibility in not leaving the country during the pre-trial period
  • Possibility of becoming a threat to the public

Granting the PR bond is not limited to the above mentioned factors. There are times when the Pretrial Services interviews not only families, but also the defendant’s colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. If the crime is already considered grave or may be punishable by death penalty, a personal bond is already out of the question. There are also cases when a judge denies this bond altogether despite the defendant seemingly qualified.

Having the Best Option

Basing on its most basic definition, obtaining a personal bond might seem like the best option. However, trying to have it granted may lead a defendant’s case downhill.

Because the entire bond requires a long process of interviews and research, soley relying on the judge’s time frame and not the defendant’s, there is a high chance that the case might take longer than expected.

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For this reason, we at Cagle Bail Bonds recommend that before you resort to filing for a Personal Recognizance Bond, you need to understand that there are many complications before it is granted in court. For a faster and hassle-free experience in getting your loved ones out of jail, having a bail bondsman is still a good way to go.

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