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Bail Bond Hearing

Bail Bond Hearing: Understanding how it Works

There are standard protocols in the United States if ever someone is arrested of an offense or crime. The law states that the accused or defendant has the right to speedy and fair trial and most importantly, the right to bail bond hearing. If you have a loved one who has been arrested and needs to be released from jail, you would need the services of a bail bonding agency. This is an option that could significantly answer your financial needs especially when the bail amount is beyond what you can realistically afford. Before scouting for an agency, you must first learn and understand how bond hearing works.

The other term used to define this type of hearing is arraignment. During the arraignment, the judge in charge of the case will decide whether bail is granted or not. For cases where bail is allowed, the arraignment will also be the venue where the judge would decide how much the amount will be. There are cases when the judge would not set any bail especially in high-risk cases. However when the bail amount is set at a very high amount for what is legally allowed, it may be very difficult or even impossible for the defendant to afford and meet. In this cases, the accused could be incarcerated and await the hearing in jail. Or he or she could seek help from bail bond agencies.

There are certain cases when the new bond request is created which will be presented before the judge in charge of the trial or case. During the hearing, the judge will be requested or asked to modify or reconsider the bond. When the judge accepts to modify the original bond decision, the defendant is now allowed to pay the bail amount in cash or through the help of bail bond agencies. When the accused secure the help of bonding agencies or bondsmen, they are allowed to pay only 10% of the total bail amount. The rest of the bail will be provided by the agency. Good thing there are agencies available 24/7 and provide flexible and convenient payment terms like Cagle Bail Bond.

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