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Why You Should Choose Cagle Bail Bonds

Cagle Bail Bonds is located across the street from the Denton County Jail. We are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, day or night; we are able to provide a Fast Jail Release any where in Denton County regardless of which jail such as; Denton County Jail, Denton JailLake Dallas JailLittle Elm JailLewisville JailFlower Mound JailHighland Village JailCarrollton Jail, & The Colony Jail. All of our agents are licensed bail bond agents here in Denton County. Our only goal is to make your bail bond process experience as easy, convenient, and as fast as possible.
While Delivering a

Fast Jail Release here in Denton County, TX

Top 5 Factors that Influence Bail Amount

If you or someone you love has been arrested and charged with a crime, posting bail is essential. For an offending individual, a bail enables him to remain free until the scheduled appearance in court. Once the bail bond is posted, the individual will be immediately released from jail to

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How Bounty Hunters Work in Texas

Mainly thanks to movies and TV shows, bounty hunting is often perceived as a colorful and dangerous profession. Made famous in the Wild West — associated with gunslingers like Pat Garret who caught and killed the notorious Billy the Kid — and the likes of “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” many

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Have Bail Will Travel: How Free is a Person While on Bail?

For wanderlusts, travel enthusiasts, traveling salesmen and merchants, and generally people who see airports, railways, and freeways more often than most, getting arrested can be a huge pain. Despite being free from jail time after posting bail, is a person free to travel during the trial phase? Contrary to the

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Private vs Public Bail Bonds

After the judge sets the amount and conditions depending on various factors, it is now up to the defendant on how the bail will be settled. Although stipulations will still depend on each state’s laws, in general we can see bail as either public or private. Public Bail Bond A

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Not Again: Getting Re-Arrested While Out on Bail

If one case is not already a handful, imagine two consecutive ones. Upon being released through bail while in an on-going trial, the defendant is mainly in agreement with the court to accomplish two things: first, attend scheduled trials; second, be on one’s best behavior, which includes avoiding committing any

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