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Bail Bonds History

Our Bail Bonds History within the United States was originated out of the Great Britain Legal System. The Great Britain legal system granted the accused of a crime the ability to offer some type of financial asset i.e. (money or property) in order for the accused to receive or secure temporary freedom pending and during the trial of the accused crime.

For that reason the origination of the bail bond process has became more expensive over time for now expenses incurred by the courts, attorneys, bail bondsmen, and so forth can now be calculated into the bail bond amount. Which has caused the bail bond process to become very complex and complicated.

Since then many people without the luxury of proper representation in legal proceedings would not understand all details or complexities that related to the bail or to the bail bond. Nor would they understand on how it related to ones freedom pending and during the trial period of their case. This is the why so many of the accused sat in the jail a whole lot longer than necessary.

This issue became even more apparent when the United States Government on passing the Bail Reform Act in 1966 addressed it. Bail Reform Act of 1966 addressed and clarified many aspects of our bail system i.e. what conditions require a bail bond, which accused would receive a bail bond, and how much the cost of bail bond should be in relations to the accused crime? The Bail Reform Act was then further revised in 1984 to make it even more comprehensive and offer more coverage’s or protections to the accused.

Lastly even though our own history on Bail Bonds, Bail Process, and Proceedings have changed over the years since the United States was founded. The most important thing for you too know is how to get a loved one, relative, or friend out of jail in your time of need. For this reason Cagle Bail Bonds is here to help your family, friend, loved one, or acquaintance in their time of need. We make your bail bond process experience as easy, convenient, and as fast as possible.

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