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Post The Bond

Once all paperwork for the bail bond has been finalized and the ink is dry, our Licensed Denton County Bail Bond Agent will file the paperwork with your respective jail i.e. Denton County Jail, Denton Jail, Little Elm Jail, Lake Dallas Jail, Highland Village Jail, Flower Mound Jail, Lewisville Jail, Carrollton Jail, or The Colony Jail. This is also sometimes called Post the Bond, which in turn will release the accused or the defendant from jail.

Keep in mind that all jails are different for most counties but since we specialize in only dealing with the Denton County Jails we understand the time to process the bond and to release the accused or the defendant.

For most bail bond agencies the bail paperwork and bail posting process is usually 1 to 2 hours. At Cagle Bail Bonds we will usually have this done under an hour if not faster. To have this service processed or completed the signer or co-signer of the Bail Bond will be charged a bail bond fee by a Licensed Denton County Bail Bond Agent. (For most cases we generally charge around 10% of the full amount of the Bail Bond for further details please asked your Bail Bond Agent.)

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