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What is a Bail Bond?

Bail Bonds is also commonly known as Surety Bond. For bail bonds allows the accused to offer a financial guarantee to the Denton County Courts stating that the accused will appear before the Denton County Courts each and every time as they deemed appropriate.

However if the accused fail to fulfill their obligation to the Denton County Courts or in other words “Skip Bail” then two outcomes always follows. First, the signer or co-signers agree to pay any remaining balance of the bail bond in full to the Denton County Courts. Second, the accused will then have a warrant issued for their arrest.

If you are considering on bailing out a family member, friend, co-worker, or an acquaintance out of jail, you need to make sure you know and understand the process along with the responsibilities.

Denton County has 9 Jails for more information please select the jail of interest – Denton County Jail, Denton City Jail, Little Elm City Jail, Lake Dallas City Jail, Highland Village City Jail, Flower Mound City Jail, Lewisville City Jail, Carrollton City Jail, and The Colony City Jail.

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