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Have Bail Will Travel: How Free is a Person While on Bail?

For wanderlusts, travel enthusiasts, traveling salesmen and merchants, and generally people who see airports, railways, and freeways more often than most, getting arrested can be a huge pain. Despite being free from jail time after posting bail, is a person free to travel during the trial phase?

Contrary to the popular misconception, a person out on bail still has a chance to travel out of state. However, such kind of freedom has its conditions. Here at Cagle Bail Bonds, we advise that you consult bail experts like us and your defense attorney before packing your bags and hitting the road. In general, it is the judge who gives the green light, mainly based on the gravity of the crime and the profile of the defendant.

If you were just released from bail, there is a high chance that you have already been informed of your rights and restrictions, which can range from being free to leave any time, having your passport taken, to getting house arrested. You can be deemed a “flight risk” if you face grave charges like violent crimes (assault, murder, rape, etc.) and financial offenses (embezzlement, fraud, extortion, etc.).

The court also takes a look at your criminal record, financial and psychological state and capacity, and possible need to travel (especially if one has an urgent family matter or business interest to tend to). There are also instances that the prosecution has found evidence that the defendant will eventually jump bail, which will then result to immediate termination of travel rights.

Once out on bail, a defendant is usually ordered to comply with two things: One, regularly attend court hearings; Two, meet with a probation officer, bail personnel or supervisor, and consult his/her lawyer. If a person does decide to skip bail, defy the travel restrictions, and avoid the trial altogether, he/she will be labelled a fugitive.

Know Your Rights

In dealing with bail, it is still the best idea to consult experts regarding your case before making a decision. Give us a call here at Cagle Bail Bonds and we are always welcome to hear you out, give professional advice, and offer our reputable services for you and your loved ones.

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