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Choosing a Bondsman that you can Trust

The bail bonds industry can have a mixed public perception.  Many people who have never dealt with a good bail bond agency, or have never needed the assistance of a bail bondsman may tell you that the entire industry cannot be trusted.  That generalization is unfair, and similar to saying that every dealership that sells used cars is untrustworthy.  Over the years, thousands of people have used bail bond agencies to help loved ones get out of jail.  Many people have had wonderful experiences, considering the gravity and anxiety that comes with the situation of a loved one in jail.  Over the last twenty years, the bail bond industry has changed dramatically.  No longer is there a scamming agent on every corner.  There are many exceptional agencies that will offer customer service exceeding that of some commercial banks.  They understand that you’re in a stressful situation, and will work hard to meet your needs.

Unfortunately, some “agencies” still exist that give the entire industry a black eye.  These scammers are only in business to make a quick dollar, preying on vulnerable citizens during an extremely emotional time.  They make promises that no agency could fulfill including unrealistic turnaround times and bond rates that seem too good to be true.

Unfortunately, these promises are nothing but fantasies.  Often, these scammers will simply take your money and do nothing to bail your loved one out of jail.  In the best case, when working with these shady operations, you’ll find that they’re unable to meet the promises of quick turnaround.  Sometimes, “hidden fees” will pop up out of nowhere.  These types of scammers give the entire bail bonds industry a horrible reputation, and criminals in their own right.

It’s important to remember the old adage, “if it’s too good to be true, it is.”  You need to have sharp instincts to avoid these con men or women.  Often, shady agents will be smooth talkers.  Some will try to make you feel like a trusted friend.  They may even have modern-looking, slick offices to give the appearance of professionalism.  It’s all part of the con.

It’s important that you do your research when choosing a bail bondsman.  It’s understandable that you’re panicking about a friend or family member in jail, but five minutes of rational thought and a Google search can go a long way in protecting yourself from being scammed.  When in doubt, trust your instincts!

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