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Do I Get Back All My Money From a Bail Bond?

Do I Get Back All My Money From a Bail Bond?

When you bail out a loved one from jail the price can be very expensive. The amount of money returned to you and how long it takes will depend on a case to case basis and the arrangement you have set up with the bail bond service.

Bail Paid Through a Surety

In not every case will get you all of your money back, in most cases such as a surety bail there will be a percentage that is paid to the bondsman. A surety bond is what most people think of when they think of a bail bond. It is the cheapest because what you are paying is a premium. The premium is usually about 10% of the total amount. The premium is also non-refundable as it is the service cost for the agents to take on responsibility of the defendant and ensure that he or she shows up to all needed hearings.

Bail Paid With Cash

When you pay a bail to the court via cash, meaning that you paid the full bail amount you will get the money returned to you when the defendant makes all the necessary court appearances. However when the defendant skips court the payment is forfeited to the court and you will never get it back. Also if the defendant is arrested when out on bail the refund is given to the court.

Bond Paid With Property

If you used a property bond, that means that your property is collateral and you leverage off the value of it to the court to ensure the defendants release. Like cash bail, property bonds will be seized if the defendant doesn’t show in court or is arrested again.

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