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Factors to Consider in Selecting a Bail Bondsman

The concept of having a bail bond was said to have started after entrepreneurs wanted to help make the justice system accessible to everyone in all walks of life, from low to upper class. After getting a certain amount of percentage, the person can bail himself despite the lack of the actual money required.

A Bail Bondsman’s Role

Before selecting the right bail bondsman according to your needs and preference, you must first get oriented with the person’s role.

  • To provide assurance to the jail/court that the defendant can be bailed while on trial period, provided that the bondsman/company agrees to shoulder the penalty accumulated when the person fails to attend hearings
  • To make sure that the bail bond is transacted as swiftly and efficiently as possible
  • To take charge in getting the payment for the investment that the company has made on the defendant
  • If necessary, to ask for assets or properties that can serve as collaterals for the defendant to adhere to the court agreement

Get the Best Bail Bondsman You Deserve

Because of our belief that every citizen should be granted the right of having a proper bail bond, we at Cagle Bail Bonds recommend that you make your selection process as thorough as possible without compromising the element of time. To help your search, we have enumerated some of the factors that you can consider when selecting the right agent for the job.

  • Fair charge — In most practice, the bondsman charges 10 percent of the bail for state charges and 15 for federal. However, this may vary. It is best to canvass and get advice in order to get your money’s worth.
  • Proper communication — Before handing over collateral, you need to make sure that the bondsman is clear with all the details of your agreement. See if the agent is going to set dates for meetings and is willing to give you more time in clarifying inquiries.
  • Licensed — It is always better to have a licensed bail bondsman by the State of Texas in order to be rest assured that your fate is in reliable hands.
  • Track Record — Make sure to ask for the bondsman and the company’s history of clients.

For Additional Information

The goal of our bail bondsmen is to get you or your loved ones out of jail as fast as possible without affecting the status of the case. We urge that you give us a call here at Cagle Bail Bonds so we can provide you with a free consultation and the best bail bond services here in Denton, Texas.

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