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Not Again: Getting Re-Arrested While Out on Bail

If one case is not already a handful, imagine two consecutive ones. Upon being released through bail while in an on-going trial, the defendant is mainly in agreement with the court to accomplish two things: first, attend scheduled trials; second, be on one’s best behavior, which includes avoiding committing any crime.

Should You be Worried?

There is no easier way to say this, but getting re-arrested while out on bail is a serious matter. This instance can worsen not only the defendant’s first case; it can also affect the second one and hurt bail on both counts.

In general, the premium the person has paid on bail and the fees already provided to the bondsman are considered gone. Below are the main consequences in a nutshell:

Settlement Negotiations

As expected, this scenario is already a win for the prosecution. Upon getting arrested for a new crime, it initially dampens the defendant’s record in front of the judge and damages the initial offer of settlement or negotiation with the prosecutor. There is even a high chance that negotiations will be off the table and charges will push through stronger than before.

Crime Bail Crime

If a defendant is out on bail after being charged with a felony and then commits another one, this situation is deemed as crime bail crime. This can lead to additional two years to any sentence of the new arrest.

Effect on Bail

Not only does getting re-arrested affect the defendant’s case, settlement, and payment to bail bondsmen, it can also lead the court to increase the amount needed (since it’s also required to post two new bail bonds on top of paying the premiums of the initial bail) and/or to revoke bail altogether.

Let’s Act on it Now

Here at Cagle Bail Bonds, we believe that the key to this serious scenario is to act as quickly and efficiently as possible through the use of a good defense lawyer and a reliable bail bondsman in the Denton County Texas area. Give us a call now and we guarantee a swift yet thorough handling of yours or your loved one’s situation.

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