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Immigration Bail Bonds

Immigration bail bonds are similar to standard bail bonds, in that they provide assurance that the defendant will appear in court; the difference being that immigration bonds are meant for immigrant non-citizens.  There is significant processing and work required with immigration bail bonds, and many bondsmen refuse to offer them as a service.  Other bond agencies employ expert teams for immigration bail projects. 

Bailing a non-citizen out of jail is a very different process for the bonds agency compared to a typical bail request.  If a poor agency is chosen, many problems could arise including future legal issues, and the defendant could even face deportation.

Due to the increased work necessary and additional risk assumed, most agencies charge significantly more for the service, usually a 15% premium at the beginning of the process.  Bailing a non-citizen out of jail requires specific knowledge of the laws, so this premium is justified.

Significant issues with immigration bail bonds are language and cultural barriers.  Bail bond laws in other countries may be drastically different than those in the United States.  Other countries may not even offer the option of bail.  Some countries have criminal justice systems that assume a defendant is guilty until proven otherwise.  Language barriers and cultural differences can delay the process, which can be frustrating for the bondsman, the person posting bail, and the defendant.

Bailing a non-citizen out of jail can go smoothly and quickly.  If a loved one has been arrested and you’d like to bail them out of jail, you have to comply with the requests of the bail agency and be patient.  It does no favors to anyone to constantly call the agency, yell at people on the phone, or otherwise make the process more difficult.

As immigration reform is at the peak of national conversation and attention, more people are becoming educated to the intricacies of the immigration bond process.  Bail is a completely foreign concept in most other countries, and explaining the concept can be difficult to all parties involved.  Remaining patient are vital while dealing with immigration bail bond issues.  Mistakes can be extremely costly, both financially and legally.  Choosing an expert bail bondsman to walk you through the process will save you stress and frustration… just understand that the process can be very involved.  Patience is your best virtue when dealing with immigration bail bond issues.  A talented agency will team with you to reunite you with your loved one.

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