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Is Bail Bonds Expensive?

It is actually difficult to give the exact amount of bail bonds that a defendant needs to pay as it depends on the charges filed against them and many other factors. Basically, it is the judge that sets, reduce or deny the bail. One of the most important areas of consideration when setting the bail is the public protection. People who committed very serious crimes like murder or rape are a serious threat to the society. As the crime gets more serious, the bail can become more expensive. Being charged with a felony crime could mean paying five to ten times more than being charged with misdemeanors.

Additionally, the judge takes into account the offender’s criminal background as well as their capacity to escape. Bail bonds can range from a few thousand dollars to even millions. Aside from the court’s requirement, the defendant also has to add the fees that could be as much as 10 percent of the total bail amount.

Another issue that makes bail bonds more expensive is its inflexible nature. The defendant has to apply for a bail reduction to before a judge before it can be reduced. Unless the court orders, the defendant won’t be allowed to pay the bond that is less than what was originally declared.

Fortunately, no matter how expensive the bail bonds are, bail bonding agencies can afford to pay them in full. Today, there are bondsmen that offer no collateral and flexible payment terms. This is a great option for defendants who are unable to raise the amount needed for their temporary freedom.

The bottom line is that bail bonds are certainly not cheap. This is why you have to avoid committing crimes as much as possible. But if you do, bonding agency such as Cagle Bail Bonds is here to help.

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