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No Hidden Fees Bail Bonds

No Hidden Fees Bail Bonds

In most states 10 percent of the bail bond total is an acceptable rate for payments. However in some cases this may be more or require a higher percentages depending on risks and other factors like amount of the bail.

The cost of the bail bond is non-negotiable in most states and each has it’s designated normal rate, but all bond prices should have zero hidden fees applied to the bond if it is a legitimate bail bondsman. Once it has been set there is on altering of the price, it never varies. Fees which are associated with the bond do not change either. As an example if the bond is $10,000 the bond fee is 10% it would be $1,000 with no variations according to most state laws.

How Does it Work in Texas?

Texas differs from other states in its rates as each county is responsible for the going rate of bail bonds. It’s therefore important to find out the total face value of any bail bond in the state of Texas with the appropriate agent before signing any bail bond agreement.

At Cagle Bail Bonds you can always count on a 100% zero hidden fees policy. We believe in holding to high standard of trust and integrity and what you agree on is the final honest bail bond amount. Once the price is agreed upon it will never be altered or adjusted in any way. Our main objective is providing the best possible experience for you and the defendant.

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