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Petty Theft Bail

Petty theft is classified as a misdemeanor. Although this is a less serious offense than other categories, it can leave a scar to your criminal history for the rest of your life. Common violations include the taking out a property or something with value less than $50 without the threat, force or intimidation. The sad thing about being charged with this crime is that it will create such a big impact to your present and future employment as well as your personal relationships. With this, you need to defend yourself and prove to court your innocence.

In order for you to do so, you need to work with the best theft attorneys in town. You can be confident that you can clean your name once you have made a strong defense for the case. But how could you achieve such? Remember that when you are suspected for theft, you will be arrested and detained. The only way you can come out temporarily is through bail.

Usually, the bail for theft is $5,000. It may be relatively less than the bail requirement for other crimes but not all can afford to pay for it. Thus us why you need help from the bail bonds company. The bondsman will pay for the entire bail amount with a little or no upfront payment depending on the arrangement. They may also ask you to place collateral against the fund and pay using your credit cards.

While you are out on bail, you have to grab this opportunity to prepare yourself for the court trials. It is paramount that you appear to every scheduled hearing. Otherwise, the funds you pay to the court won’t be released and the bondsman will come after you. Bear in mind that you have a legal obligation that come along with your temporary freedom. Petty theft may not a grave offense, but not showing up on trials and not paying the bondsman would definitely put you in big trouble.

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