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Private vs Public Bail Bonds

After the judge sets the amount and conditions depending on various factors, it is now up to the defendant on how the bail will be settled. Although stipulations will still depend on each state’s laws, in general we can see bail as either public or private.

Public Bail Bond

A public bond, which can go by many names — personal bond, PR bond, or Personal Recognizance Bond –, allows the defendant to be out during the pre-trial hearing without paying the actual bail amount. Based on one of its names, a PR bond indicates that the court does not deem the defendant enough of a threat to actually need a huge sum of bail and this gesture signifies that the person is expected to attend the upcoming hearings without much force needed.

In other cases, a public bond called “limited deposit” still requires the defendant to pay 10 percent of the bail amount.

Considering how convenient the set up seems, the judge will only grant public bail based on the nature of the alleged crime, the defendant’s criminal history, source of livelihood, credibility, potential flight risk involved, and more if necessary.

Private Bail Bond

Private bail bond is pretty straightforward: pay the bail, attend the hearings, and you will receive your money after the trial, whether found innocent or guilty. Often taken because it’s simple and can be fast depending on the bondsman and/or company, a cash bond is mainly to help secure the defendant’s appearance in scheduled hearings.

The bail amount will depend on various factors, mainly the defendant’s flight risk and criminal history and, of course, the gravity of the crime being accused.

Public vs Private Bail

The two bonds have their pros and cons. The good thing about a public bond is that it usually needs less or even no money to make bail, unlike a private one. However, a private bail bond requires less effort and generally results in faster release in many states, while there have been many cases that a trial takes longer and becomes more taxing because of the research and interviews needed to gain public bail.

This again leads to our initial question: which bail bond is ideal for you?

Ask the Bail Bond Experts in Denton, TX

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