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Reasons Not to Skip Bail

Not many people of sound body and mind would intentionally skip out on bail.  The penalties can be extremely stiff.  Unfortunately, there are many irresponsible folks who make a habit of missing court dates.  These people don’t take the court systems seriously, and can cause problems – not only for themselves, but also for friends, family, and the court system.  If you’re considering skipping bail, don’t.

You’re Only Making the Situation Worse

When you’ve posted bond and then decided to not show up for your court date, you aren’t doing your case any favors.  First, you’re doing something that makes you look guilty.  The prosecution will use the fact that you’ve missed court dates as ammunition against you, regardless your guilt or innocence.

When you miss a court date, a judge will issue a warrant for your arrest immediately.  This expands the rights of police who are now tasked with looking for you.  They will be allowed to enter your home or apartment, search your vehicle, and take other actions to quickly bring you to justice.

In most jurisdictions, there are stiff penalties for missing your court obligations, including fines and possibly jail time.  Worse still, once you’ve been apprehended, you will not be able to post bail again.  You’ll have to wait for your court date while in jail.  Depending on the volume of cases in your municipality, this could be a significant wait.

Doing Right by Your Loved Ones

Chances are that a friend of family was responsible for posting your bail.  In doing so, they took a pretty big financial risk.  If your bail was expensive, there’s a chance that a loved one may have had to put up collateral against your bail.  Would you want to be responsible for someone who you care about losing his or her car or even his or her home?

A close friend of mine’s father is a lifelong criminal.  Years ago, he was required to post bail totaling thousands of dollars.  His mother had to use her home as collateral.  When my friend’s dad no-showed his courts date, he risked his elderly mother losing her home.  Skipping bail can be extremely selfish.

If you skip bail when using the services of a bail bondsman, you’re giving your word (backed by a monetary guarantee) that you’re going to appear in court.  If you decide to not show up in court, it’s likely that you’re going to be pursued by a bounty hunter, who will make sure that you end up in jail.

Be smart.  Show up in court when you’re required to.  You’ll save yourself and your loved ones a lot of trouble.

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