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The Difference Between a Bail and Bond

The Difference Between Bail & Bail Bond

When a defendant is arraigned for the first time by the judge, in most cases there will be a set bail as well as bond. The final amount always rest on the decision of the judge and are usually determined by the crime and defendants record.

The difference between a bail bond and a bail is that the bail can be directly paid to the jail to ensure the release of the defendant. The bail bond on the other hand is achieved by using a bail bond company. The benefit of using our services vs. paying directly to the jail is we only require a small percentage of the full bond amount to post the bail and ensure the release of the defendant.

The Bottom Line on Bail Bonds

A bail bond is essentially a type of insurance policy. Cagle Bail Bond will get the defendant released by ensuring the court that they will appear in every hearing until the final disposition of the case. As soon as the indemnification and underwriting are done, a bail bondsman presents the bond in the presiding court. The bond is then posted and then the parties are instructed on how and when the defendant is to be released.

The premium and collateral needed will vary from case to case depending on the amount of the bond.

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