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What to Expect when Bailing a Loved One Out of Jail

To those unfamiliar with the industry, bailing a loved one out of jail may seem like a difficult process.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Bailing someone out of jail is actually quite easy, simple even.  Depending on various factors, the defendant can be out of jail in a few hours.

A reputable bail bonds agency can walk you through the entire process.  It’s common that you’re stressed while a loved one is sitting in jail.  An experienced bondsman will put you at ease, as he or she will be able to hold your hand through each step in the process.  Choosing a bail bond agency with a great reputation for customer service and results ensures that you’ll have a partner in eliminating a good deal of your stress.

Once you’ve chosen a reputable bail bondsman, the process is pretty straightforward.  You’ll provide a clerk with some details, including information about the defendant, the crime that they’re being accused of, the bail amount, and some personal details about yourself.  The process of applying for a bail bond is not entirely unlike applying for a short-term loan.

After you’ve completed the necessary paperwork, you’ll be required to put down a percentage of the total bail amount, in most cases 10%.  Depending on the nature of the crime, even 10% of the total bail amount may be burdensome for some.  Many won’t be able to pay that much initially.  Many agencies will provide different options, including short-term loan.  These loans are often considered based upon factors such as your employment, income, and creditworthiness.  Not all applicants will be accepted.  Interest rates on these loans can fluctuate wildly depending on the agency that you’ve chosen.

You’ll also be required to have collateral to apply against the bail.  When an agency pays the full bail amount for a defendant, they’re placing a deposit on that defendant showing up to court.  If the accused decides to no-show his scheduled court appearance, the agency will lose that deposit.  Collateral ensures that in the event your loved one panics and avoids his court date; they’ll be compensated for their loss of deposit.  Collateral is a tangible asset with value equal to a portion or the full value of the bail amount.  In some cases, this can be as small as a piece of jewelry or as large as a house.

After these steps are completed, the agency will work with the courts and the jail, and the defendant will usually be released within a few hours, promising to appear in court on a scheduled date.  Missing that date can have extreme consequences for both the accused and the person posting bail.

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