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Why You Should Never Skip Out on Bail Bonds

Why You Should Never Skip Out on Bail Bonds?

Unfortunately even here at Cagle Bail Bonds of Denton Texas we get defendants who skip out on a bail bond that we have paid. Sometimes there are valid reasons but more often than not it’s simple carelessness. We want to shine some light on what happens in the case where a defendant takes flight, hopefully by understanding the severity of penalties defendants will think twice before going on the run.

Your Responsibility When Bailed Out

As a defendant your most important responsibility other than not being arrested again is to show up for all of your required court dates. When you drop that responsibility or forget you guarantee a worst situation than you previously faced.

What Happens to Defendants Who Skip Bail

If a person skips bail a few things are bound to happen. For one you can count on the bail bond being forfeited and the judge issuing an immediate warrant for the defendant’s arrest. If a bondsman is unable to secure the person and get them back into the system within the allotted time, the person who was the cosigner will have to pay the full amount for bail as another penalty.

The warrant issued will never expire and is valid in all 50 of the United States. Most fugitives can be found at their last known address which means they are easily apprehended and will end up facing more jail time and heftier fines.

Other Penalties for Skipping Bail

When they are re-captured once again they will no longer be eligible to be released on own-recognizance. They will instead have to seek out a bail bondsman like those at Cagle Bail Bonds of Denton Texas and this time the bail will be set at a much higher dollar amount than it was for the previous violation.

Most law enforcement agents will release pictures of the wanted fugitives to gain help from the local population and nine times out of ten catch the would be runners in a very short period of time.

If you currently have a loved one who has been detained and needs to be released in the Denton Texas area, please contact us at Cagle Bail Bonds and we will take the action needed to get them released.

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