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Deciding Factors on How Judges Set Bail for Defendants

When estimating the bail set for a defendant, there are numerous factors to consider. It is a common misconception that the crime immediately sets the amount that the person needs to render. Here at Cagle Bail Bonds, we cannot fully determine the exact amount of the bail to be expected. However, we can enumerate the considerations that the judge uses when setting the bail conditions, which can be applicable in Denton, Texas and in many states across the USA.

  • Details of the offense and the case — There are certain crimes that are cannot be granted bail in the State of Texas. However, when it is granted, the judge still weighs in the severity of the case charged and the evidence presented.
  • Defendant’s record — It is also considered whether the person has a history of crime or not. Often times the bail increases when he/she has been convicted of crimes in the past.
  • Source of funds — There are certain cases that the defendant’s funds are linked to the actual crime filed. Hence, this might complicate the bail conditions altogether.
  • Probability of the defendant fleeing the state — The court and law enforcers can doubt the credibility of the defendant if there is a probable cause or proof that he/she plans to flee the state or country right after bail. There were cases that the bail was denied altogether when the police saw that the defendant had his/her passport and huge amounts of cash on hand.
  • Defendants background — The accused’s employment record, marital status, medical condition, financial resources, and even relationship with the community matter.
  • Potential risk or threat to the public —Sometimes, a bail can be set high or even withheld when the defendant is proven or seen to be a potential risk to the person filing the case or to the general public.

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